Mosquito Prevention & Protection
We want to encourage residents to report areas of standing water, breeding areas / habitats, and when the mosquitoes get bad. We truly rely on these reports from residents to help identify where the problems lie.

Bite Line
The best way for residents to report their concern is to call our Bite Line at 614-525-2483. This is a voice mail system that has several options. There is general information and an option to leave a message for their concern. This voice mail is checked throughout the day and calls will be returned within 24 hours.

Mosquito Complaints
You may submit an online complaint form for mosquitoes. You will see in the middle of page Service Request Form: click on that and the page will expand to the fill-in form.
If phone calls are not returned within 24 hours please contact David McAninch.

2015 Updates
Weekly West Nile virus (WNV) trapping started last week.  A portion of the mosquitoes trapped will be tested for WNV at our facility and all will be tested and confirmed by the Ohio Department of Health.  I have attached the trap data from last week and this week.  This report is updated weekly and is always available to you and all of your residents on our web site at:

  A few other details to share:
  • Mosquito Trapping Improvements
    • A new trap called the BG Sentinel will be used in a variety of locations to look for mosquito species that can carry La Crosse Encephalitis and Chikungunya.  We are anxious to test the effectiveness of these new traps this season and will keep you posted.
    • New CDC Light traps were also purchased this year to trap and look for a variety of mosquito species that may be aggressive bitters and disease carriers other than WNV.
    • The purpose of improving our surveillance is so that we get a better picture of the variety of mosquitoes in Franklin County and then look for the specific breeding sources so that they can be eliminated or we can target adulticiding if applicable.


        New Initiative – Rain Barrel Awareness

  • In our experience, we find that rain barrels are excellent at breeding mosquitoes; particularly Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) which can be aggressive daytime bitters and can be carriers of Chikungunya.  Please note that the only human case of Chikungunya in Ohio have come from those that traveled in the Caribbean.  Florida is the only state in the U.S. where the virus has been found in mosquitoes.
  • We will be providing educational material and how to eliminate/prevent mosquito breeding in rain barrels.
  • We have statistics that show the concentration of rain barrels in Franklin County that were distributed by Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District and the GreenSpot program and work will be concentrated in these areas.