Pool Schedule

Pool is Open

The pool is currently only open for Swimming Lessons, Water Fitness Classes, Lap Swimming, and Water Walking/Jogging only. Open Recreational swimming, Stationary Floating in the deep end, and seating on the benches will be prohibited until further notice.

To manage capacity numbers, the Prairie Township Community Center is using a sign-up process for access to the pool. Members can reserve their time up to 48 hours in advance. If you have not accessed our online registration page your Username is your e-mail address you used when you signed up for a membership and your Password is your zipcode.

Click here to reserve space. 

Pool Reservation Policy:

All members will be allowed to make a reservation for water fitness classes or pool space up to 48 hours prior to that date. Members may book up to 1 water fitness class per day or a max of two 30 minute slots of pool space.

All reservations and cancellations made online, by phone or in-person must be made by the member reserving the space. Reservations and cancelations will not be processed over the phone or in-person by other members that are not in the same household.

Please note the following:

The Pool is only open for Swimming Lessons, Water Fitness Classes, Lap Swimming, and Water Walking/Jogging only.

The following will be prohibited and not allowed for any reason:

• Wearing a Face Mask in the water

• Open Recreational Swimming

• Children Playing or Free Swim

• Stationary Floating and talking with others

• Sitting on the benches in the water

• The Rock Wall and Diving Boards are CLOSED

Pool Reservation Age Requirements

1. Children under 10 years old are not permitted to reserve a space in the pool

2. RecTrac/WebTrac will not allow you to book time for children under the age of 10.

3. Children 10 and over must have:

• A deep water yellow wristband

• The ability to pass the deep water swim test

4. Anyone booking a lane must use it for its intended purpose (lap swimming in the lap lanes, water walking in the vortex, and deep water jogging or exercises in the deep end)

Missed Reservation Policy

We understand that things come up and you may not be able to make it to your scheduled reservation for your water fitness class or your pool space reservation, but in order to ensure the maximum usage for all of our members the following will be strictly enforced:

1. We ask that you cancel your reservation at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled time. You can cancel your reservation by going online to your WebTrac account or you may call during normal business hours.

If your reservation is during the first hour we are open and you are unable to process the cancellation online then you must call the center the night before prior to close to cancel.

2. Missed reservations for pool space or a class will be documented and will result with the following actions:

• 3 Missed Reservations = 2 week loss of pool reservation privileges

• 2 Additional Missed Reservations = 1 month loss of pool reservation privileges

• 2 Additional Missed Reservations = A permanent loss in reservation privileges and you may only book space on a drop in basis until normal pool operations resume.

3. Members using less than 15 minutes of their reservation will be documented as missed reservation and will count toward your overall total missed.

We ask for your kindness and cooperation during this period to ensure we are utilizing the space efficiently and we thank you for helping us in the efforts to let as many people as possible use the space in the pool.