Doing Business

  1. Board of Trustees

    The Prairie Township Board of Trustees meet biweekly to form and discuss policy.

  2. Community Improvement Corporation

    The Prairie Township Community Improvement Corporation was established for the purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of Prairie Township.

  3. Westland Area Business Association (WABA)

    The Westland Area Business Association (WABA) has been connecting local business owners and community leaders since 1990 to support local business efforts and promote commitment within our community.

  4. Darby Accord

    The Big Darby Accord consists of local governments within the Franklin County area of the Big Darby Creek Watershed.

  5. Fiscal Office

    View information in regards to the Fiscal Office, a part of the Administration Department.

  6. JEDD & JEDZ Information

    The Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) & Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) are ways to maintain and expand current Township services without raising property taxes.

  7. Zoning Code

    View the local and state government zoning codes.