Curbside Chipper service

To get on the list for the program, submit a request, or contact Dave McAninch via phone or email. The township's goal is to arrive within 1 week of contact.

Rules for Curbside Chipper Service

The Prairie Township Trustees Chipper Program provides residents curb service in collecting and disposing of tree and shrub trimmings. To insure pick-up within 1 to 7 days, residents must schedule this service through the Submit a Request link or by calling the road department directly at (614) 878-3316 and leaving your name address and daytime phone number.

The township will bring the Chipper machine to private Prairie Township residences with a house number and remove tree and shrub trimmings subject to the following regulations:

  • Tree and Shrub trimmings only; No Vines. Trimmings, which include vines, will not be picked up.
  • Trees and bushes with roots cannot go through the chipper machine. Roots must be removed and processed through other composting programs.
  • No lumber, boards wire or other construction debris.
  • All trimmings must be piled next to the curb or at the end of the driveway. Trimmings should be piled neatly with the cutoff ends pointed toward the curb. Township equipment and employees will not come on private property to remove trimmings.
  • Trimmings should not be piled near mailboxes, fire hydrants or parked cars, as they may scratch the cars. Trimmings deeded too close to parked cars will not be picked up.
  • The machine will accept branches up to 8 in diameter. The longer the trimmings the easier it is for the township crews to chip them up. There is a minimum length of 4 feet.
  • Township employees will not leave mulch at residences, if you would like some mulch from the chippings, arrangements can be made for residents to pick up mulch at the township road department garage located at 6725 Alkire Road by calling 878-3316 or email Dave McAninch

Here is a great example of how to best layout your Tree and Shrub trimmings for the Township Staff. example of chipping pile for website