Mosquito Prevention & Protection

We want to encourage residents to report areas of standing water, breeding areas / habitats, and when the mosquitoes get bad. We truly rely on these reports from residents to help identify where the problems lie.

Service Requests

We have already received a number of service requests this year, so please direct any residents complaining about mosquitoes or standing water our way by either filling out the webform at  or by calling the BITE line at 614-525-BITE (2483).  For the time being, we will try to avoid knocking on doors as much as possible to minimize contact.  We have adjusted our service request webform to notify residents of the change and to ask their preference if we need to schedule a time, or if we have permission to enter their yard at any time without knocking first.  A green door hanger will be left to summarize what actions field staff took during the request.  If residents prefer to call in to the BITE line (614-525-BITE), Clarke’s Customer Care team will ask those same questions. 

Franklin County Public Health Mosquito Website: