Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) & Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ)

Prairie Township residents voted on November 8, 2011 to establish a Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ). The creation of the JEDZ enables the implementation of an earnings tax on individuals working in the Zone. The designated Zone includes properties in Prairie Township where businesses are located and/or individuals work. The revenue generated through the JEDZ earnings tax is used to continue current services and implement economic development initiatives for the improvement of existing commercial districts and the neighborhoods that support local businesses.

State law requires a partnering jurisdiction to implement any earnings tax for townships. Prairie Township's partnering jurisdiction is the Village of Obetz. The collection of the tax will be conducted by the Central Collection Agency (CCA), as it is the contracted agent for tax collection with the Village of Obetz. All businesses and/or employers located within the JEDZare responsible for withholding a two and one-half percent (2.5%) earnings tax on the wages of all employees working in the Zone. 

To create the JEDD, businesses and property owners agreed to join the quasi-governmental organization and to support it through a 2.5% income tax collected from people and businesses that work and operate in the JEDD. Revenues collected by the JEDD are used to encourage business opportunities in the District and to build new infrastructure resources.

View the Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) tax forms online.

JEDD & JEDZ Documents