Sidewalk Program

Prairie Township would once again like to offer the residents an opportunity to replace their sidewalks, curbs, and approaches that are within the townships right of way. How this program works is you need to either call the Prairie Township Road Department at 614-878-3316 or email Dave McAninch and have him put you on the list of interested residents for the current year's contract. Once the township receives their pricing back Dave McAninch will schedule a time to come out to your home and measure what work you are interested in getting done and give you the total cost for this work. If you decide to do this work there are two payment options one is to pay the township up front and the other option is to pay on your property taxes over 10 years interest-free.


Adopted April 30, 2014

Proper maintenance of sidewalks is important for the convenience and safety of the public. The following features make a sidewalk unsafe and difficult to use and shall be employed as criteria by Prairie Township in determining whether a given sidewalk or section of sidewalk, is in need of repair or replacement:

1) Edges of adjoining sections or parts of sections that differ by more than one-half inch vertically.

2) Open joints between adjoining sections or parts of sections that are five-eighths of an inch or wider.

3) Cracked sections with missing or loose pieces.

4) Sections that slope away from the street (unless they were initially designed and approved to be constructed as such).

5) Cross slopes of three-fourths an inch or more rise per one foot run.

6) Abrupt changes in the longitudinal grade of the sidewalk.

7) Deteriorating surfaces including loose aggregate.

8) Sidewalks constructed or repaired without the approval of Prairie Township.

Prairie Township shall be responsible for repair or replacement of sidewalks in cases where the Township determines that the use and safety of the sidewalk have been compromised by public infrastructure.