Electric and Gas Aggregation

Prairie Township Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Prairie Township is providing you with the opportunity to join with other residents to potentially save money on the electric and gas you use. Savings are possible through a concept called government aggregation, where Township officials bring together citizens to gain group-buying power for the purchase of electric from a retail supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Township voters approved this program in November 2014. There is no cost for the enrollment and you will not be charged a switching fee. If you choose to take advantage of the program you do nothing, do not send in the opt-out form.

Gas Aggregation Program

Under this arrangement, Archer Energy has been selected as the Township preferred natural gas provider.  To enroll into the natural gas program, you can call Archer Energy at 1-844-795-7491

Through your Township’s Natural Gas Aggregation Program, eligible residents will receive a fixed rate of $0.599 per Ccf. This program will begin in May 2023 through April 2025. There is no cost for enrolment, and you will not be charged a switching fee.

Budget billing of the Columbia Gas portion of the bill is available to anyone who prefers budget certainty. In order to have this service in place, please call Columbia Gas at 1-800-344-4077.  

Electric Aggregation Program

Archer Energy has also been selected as the Township's preferred electric provider. Eligible residents will receive a fixed rate of $0.06999 per kwh. The electricity aggregation program begins June 2023 through May 2025. To enroll into the electric program, you can call Archer Energy at 1-844-795-7491.

Questions regarding the aggregation program, how to join the program, or any questions regarding your specific existing energy services can be directed to the Township’s Energy Consultant, Trebel, LLC, at 1-877-861-2772.