Trash Collection

Residential Solid Waste Haulers in Prairie Township

In January 2021, the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution HR-01-2020 establishing license requirements for residential trash haulers operating in the Township. The intent of this resolution is to address the growing vermin and public health issues within the Township. Residential Trash Haulers who wish to operate within Township limits must apply for a Solid Waste Hauler license which is valid until the last day of the current year. Haulers are only allowed to operate in accordance with the approved schedule. This schedule provides trash pick up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only. This goes into effect on March 1, 2021.

It is up to residents to provide, or rent, appropriate trash containers that are compatible with their chosen haulers collection vehicles. All trash containers must have tight-fitting covers, strong handles, and should be water tight. Trash containers cannot be placed on the curbside for more than twenty-four hours. 

Amended Resolution

Trash Hauler Schedule

Trash Schedule Map (3)

Prairie Township does not provide trash removal, nor do we have a required vendor. Residents are free to choose which trash service provider they want to contract with.

The following providers do service the area:

Alpha Waste Services - 614-859-9394 

Cumberlander (Monday and Tuesday Schedule Only) - 614-836-1464
** Service will be discontinued in January 2024 **

Local Waste Services - 614-409-9375

Rumpke Waste Removal - 1-800-828-8171

Waste Management (Monday Schedule Only) - 1-800-343-6047