Recommended Trees

Trees are not all created equal. Each species has its own site preferences and characteristics. Some trees grow tall, some stay short. Some have stunning fall color, spring flowers, ornamental fruit or bark etc. while others do not. Some trees tolerate shade or wet locations while other species will quickly perish under such conditions. Before planting a new tree, it's critical to select an appropriate species that will thrive in the proposed site and that fits with landowner objectives for shade, size, and maintenance requirements, etc.

The Township's Recommended Street Trees brochure lists species by mature size. The brochure also offers general guidelines for selection (such as avoiding the use of large species under utility lines). Species listed as undesirable for street tree use may be fine for planting on private property if site conditions are appropriate. There are also many excellent books and websites that offer more details, photos, etc. of trees. Many tree species are also sold as cultivars - cultivated varieties that have unique and/or predictable traits such as a weeping crown form, consistent fall color, or unusual foliage. Cultivars usually are given a tradename for marketing purposes. Make sure you understand what you are buying, as there can be dramatic differences between cultivars of the same species. For example, the Township permits Aristocrat callery pear along streets but prohibits Bradford callery pear.