Prairie Township Land Bank and acquisition

7.20.23 Updated Property List

Land Acquisition

The Prairie Township Trustees have been tasked with determining the best use for unproductive, vacant, or abandoned properties within Prairie Township. In an effort to maintain impartiality, there is a need for a strategic plan of action for the equitable distribution of these properties. The options for use and criteria for such distribution are outlined herein. This Land Distribution Policy builds on the Prairie Township Strategic Plan (2015-2020) and The Prairie Township Redevelopment Study (May 2016).This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 1, 2022.

Land Distribution Policy

Land Acquisition Application

Prairie Township Properties (Emmit)

What is the Land Bank?

Prairie Township formed its Land Reutilization Program under authority granted to the Board of Trustees in Ohio Revised Code Section 5722. The Land Reutilization Program, or Land Bank, was created by the Board through Prairie Township Resolution 35-08, which states that its purpose is to "facilitate the effective reutilization of non-productive tax delinquent land located within the unincorporated area of the Township to tax generating status and/or devotion of public use. The Board of Trustees desires to accomplish this purpose in a way that best improves the quality of life and vitality of the surrounding community.