Prairie Township Fire Department Levy - Issue 20

On May 8th, Prairie Township voters will have the opportunity to vote for Issue 20. Issue 20 will help secure the future of the Prairie Township Fire Department to continue to keep your family safe. 

Issue 20 will:

  1. Assist the Fire Department to build and prepare for the future.
  2. Provide for the community involvement that your family has come to expect.
  3. Replace aging fire trucks and equipment to help firefighters respond to your emergency.
  4. Grow Fire Department services as our community continues to grow.

Prairie Township Fire Department Levy FAQ's

Q: How does the Fire Department decide how many mills to ask for?

Actually, the Fire Department didn't start out with a particular millage in mind. Instead, the Fire Chief, the Assistant Chief, and the Township Administrator determined that there would be a need for additional funding based on their ongoing preparation and analysis of the operating budget and the capital spending plan. By using these numbers as a guide, they came up with a dollar figure required to operate the department at current operating levels. Additionally, they projected operating cost increases along with necessary capital spending. It was determined that additional annual revenue of $1,108,000 would be required to cover these costs for the next several years. The Township Trustees then sent a request to the Franklin County Auditor's Office asking how much millage would be needed to raise that amount of revenue Prairie Township. The Auditor's Office responded that the need will be 3.61 mills. 

Q: How much will this levy cost me?

This levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $126 per year. 

Q: What will the Fire Department use this money for?

The Fire Department has had a very strict capital spending plan in place for the last 5 years. However, like most plans, things change. Some of the fire trucks and ambulances currently utilized by the department are aging faster than anticipated and the cost of operating those vehicles is increasing as well. Last year the Fire Department spent $80,000 in unexpected repair costs. As time passes those maintenance costs will continue to rise. It will be less expensive to replace those aging vehicles than it will be to repair them. Additionally, it is predicted that toward the end of this levy cycle, there may be funds available to add or increase services. 

Q: If the fire trucks in Prairie Township are aging, why do they always look so nice?

The firefighters work very hard every day to keep all the equipment they use in good condition. However clean and shiny those vehicles may look on the outside, there are still aging parts on the inside that break and need to be repaired or replaced. 

Q: How long will it be before the Fire Department asks for another levy?

The Fire Chiefs are projecting this levy to fund the department for the next 6 to 8 years, barring any unexpected financial crisis. 

Q: What if the voters chose not to pass this levy?

If this levy fails to pass, the Fire Department will ask the voters for support again in the fall. If the levy fails in the general election, the next request will be for higher mills to offset the continued loss of revenue. The cost of doing business will continue to increase regardless of the success or failure of a fire levy.