PTCC Podcast

Building FUN, Healthy Community!

In this podcast, PTCC staff will spend time discovering how a community center can engage with local organizations to strengthen and deepen their surrounding communities. 

Building FUN, Healthy Community, is more than just a vision or mission statement.  It is the very foundation of who we are.  Everything we do at the PTCC is about building community.  Whether through water aerobics, Zumba or yoga class to strengthen the mind and body, summer day camp, pickle ball, or one of our many other programs we offer to make friends or spend time with your family, playing basketball or lifting weights or even just walking around the track to let off steam or finding that stress reliever.  Our goal is that you will begin to find your community/tribe at the PTCC! 

At the Prairie Township Community Center, we intentionally engage with our community in an effort to help them find their community and show how important they are to this community.  We firmly believe that community is the answer to many of the biggest issues of our time; like depression, obesity, loneliness, and intolerance.   We hope that you will join us as we begin to dive into how your community center can make a significant impact in the lives of your community.