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Building FUN, Healthy Community, is more than just a vision or mission statement.  It is the very foundation of who we are.  Everything we do at the PTCC is about building community.  Whether through water aerobics, Zumba or yoga class to strengthen the mind and body, summer day camp, pickle ball, or one of our many other programs we offer to make friends or spend time with your family, playing basketball or lifting weights or even just walking around the track to let off steam or finding that stress reliever.  Our goal is that you will begin to find your community/tribe at the PTCC! 

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Apr 16

Safety Town is right around the Corner

Posted on April 16, 2019 at 9:50 AM by James Gant

Safety Town 2019 is right around the corner!
PTCC Safety Town - image of Fire Fighter in full gear talking to preschool children
Safety Town is a collaboration between Prairie Township, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Prairie Township Fire Department, Columbus Neighborhood Pride and Doctor’s West Hospital.  The program is designed to teach five and six year olds about personal safety in a fun, non-threatening way.  It also gives children an opportunity to not only learn about safety, but interact with actual safety personnel.

In Prairie Township, the current, five-day program includes the following:

Personal Safety- We discuss topics such as how to properly use 911, what their phone numbers and addresses are, and stranger danger. 

Traffic Safety- The children learn what different traffic signs and signals mean, the importance of wearing their seat belt and they practice crossing a street in a safe manner.

Fire Safety- The Fire Department instructs the group in all manners of fire safety.  They also show them their equipment, including what they will look like fully suited up.  They want the children to recognize them in an emergency and not be scared and hide or run from them.  The children are also asked to discuss the fire safety plan for their home with their parents. (They receive a special treat in return for completing their safety plan worksheet!)

Bike Safety- Columbus Neighborhood Pride presents their stellar bike safety program.  The children learn about bike safety and get to apply their knowledge of traffic signals and bicycle safety on a closed course.  Depending on availability, Columbus Neighborhood Pride partners with The Blue Jackets Foundation to provide free helmets to our Safety Town participants.

Animal Safety- Utilizing the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Therapy K9s, the children learn how to approach strange animals in a safe manner and to always ask permission before petting an animal they don’t know. 

Water Safety- A lifeguard from the Prairie Township Community Center teaches the children how to be water smart!  They also learn how to keep themselves healthy by using sun protection.

Health Safety- A representative of Doctor’s West Hospital explains how they can keep themselves healthy, such as not ingesting toxic/poisonous substances, eating nutritious food, and how to avoid spreading illness.

Hurry and reserve your spot today!  There is limited availability and unlimited fun!


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